We’ve spent the last 25 years negotiating and aggregating the best airfare content possible. HUB provides access to this content through multiple connectivity platforms. Importantly, we can aggregate your agency’s contracts into the HUB platform. This will allow your agents to search for the very best published and private fares, including your own, all in one place.


HUB offers advanced technology to enhance your agents’ air booking capabilities. This results in improved agent productivity, increased air ticket sales and greater company revenues.


Need to issue a ticket at 2am? Concerned about complex fare rules and commission determinations? Need help with waivers, unblocking seat assignments, dealing with price increases, name changes, and clearing inventory? Not a problem for us, nor for you with HUB. Our air specialists are highly skilled at working around the fast changing, complex airfare marketplace.


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Agency Information

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    In this agreement, the “Agency Owner” agrees to be personally responsible for all financial transactions between the “Agency” and Access To Travel Inc.,Dba AccessFares.

    1. Agency fully agrees to pay “AccessFares” payment for all tickets issued under the account set up for your agency.
    2. Agency fully agrees to pay “AccessFares” any fees/penalties or debit memos issued by the airlines for any booking/pricing violations or alteration of ticketed PNR’s committed by the “Agency” on any record re-released back to the “Agency” after ticketing.
    3. Agency fully agrees to pay “AccessFares” any and all amounts due as a result of a credit cardholder disclaiming charges for ticket/s purchased from “AccessFares” including fees/penalties or debit memos associated with any credit card charge back or fraud issue committed by the passenger/cardholder.
    4. Agency fully agrees to pay “AccessFares” any fees/penalties or debit memos issued by the airlines for any “HX” segments not being removed from any reservation re-released back to the “Agency” after ticketing and for any debit memos resulting from a NO SHOW.
    5. Agency fully agrees to pay “AccessFares” any commission recall generated by the airlines on refunded tickets processed through AccessFares or the airlines directly.
    6. Agency will be fully responsible for advising passengers of any schedule changes or flight cancellations.
    7. If Agency fails to pay “AccessFares” any amount when due under this agreement, Agency agrees to pay all costs of collection, including but not limited to all court costs and reasonable attorney fees.